By Ryko Kalinko

Wellness Practice Manual

Exercises and theory for developing and maintaining a thorough mind-body connection

(78 pages).

Loretta's Suitcase - a novela

This delightful work of fiction (aimed at young adults) explores the dea of the “dreambody” – that through our dreams (and waking dreams) we can access realms far beyond the limitations of our physical bodies. An allegory for the opening of the third eye, this book provides an introduction to “spiritual” concepts in an easily approachable way.

“I have just finished, easily one of the greatest books my mind has comprehended. Loretta’s Suitcase. I teared up many times through the read, at the wonder of the words. I am going to pass this book around to as many people as I can, the word needs to be spread! I liken it to Paulo Coelho’s, The Alchemist, in the weaving of so many positive messages and valuable information into a capturing storyline! Just in complete awe.” (Fiona B., student).

“One of the most beautiful books I have ever read, and certainly the most bonding book I have read with my daughter.. feeling blessed.. written by a beautiful soul... recommendations can never do this justice.” (Ali M, Mother)